Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Sold Sold Sold!!!!

Well, its been a very long time since our last post on this blog.  A lot has been happening.  We had the Rear Yard, front yard, driveway and alfresco extension all re-done and finished.  Then in Jan 2018 we decided it was time to move on to bigger and better things.  So.....we posted our house for sale.

It took the photographer 2.5 hours to take the photos and the video guy took another 2 hrs.  They underestimated at how big this house was when they booked in the time.  Also, the real estate agent wanted twilight photos.   We are both really pleased at how the house come up.

The House went on the market on Wednesday the 24th Jan 2018 with all the photos and video.  That evening we had a private viewing and then the lady wanted to bring her husband so another private viewing later that night.  That night we received an offer which we accepted.

The Thursday 25th Jan 2018 we signed contracts with the buyer and now are waiting for the Settlement date to arrive.  With a Settlement date of 14th March there is so much to do.

Here are the photos from the real estate agent.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Finally Landscaping the Rear and Side yards

After a year in the home we have finally started and completed the landscaping in the rear and side yards.  The guys from BRISK Landscaping came back to do the back after doing a fantastic job on our front yard.

This is what it was like.

The grass wasn't growing well and it was a mess.  But to be able to move into the place with a dog we needed some grass in quick.

The yard was complete gutted and re-built up.

Here is the planter boxes going in with the seats and the support beams for the bamboo

Levelling out the ground to put in the synthetic turf.

The finished product.  Planter boxes with stone stacking on the side, water feature and deck seating with deck lights in the side with the bamboo fencing border.

The new lawn, which is now wonderful and green.  Of course the dog had to inspect it all.

The synthetic turf which the dog loves to lay on in summer and roll around on.

The bamboo fencing was carried through the alfresco

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Alfresco Addition

Its been a long haul getting the house exactly how we wanted it.  From shonky tradesman to poor workmanship but now we have it how we want.

The first alfresco extension had a leaky roof (due to a shallow fall and improper guttering put in and the wall was flaking off (even though blue-board was used and was rendered).

This is what is looked like.

The tearing down of the old one.

The blank slate ready to start all over again.

The posts and beams of the new steel structure of the extension of the alfresco

The structure up with the roof on and the light panels as well.

The structure of the extension all finished with the cover on the back and all done.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

More photos of the front yard

Well its been a very long time since our last post.  We have been changing the back yard and getting things modified and amongst other things.

Here are the photos of the front yard once the driveway got sealed.

Jamal from BRISK Landscaping was fantastic.  He did such a fantastic job we would recommend him to anyone, and we do all the time when people stop to say how nice it looks and asks who did it.